In the United States alone, there are over 600,000 restaurants. There are many types of restaurants too, but this essay writes about a mediterranean restaurant, one in Natick, Massachusetts. The name of this restaurant is Dates and Olives. Dates and Olives is a great restaurant, because the food is all fresh,made with expert hands, and very affordable and well liked.

The first reason is that the food is fresh, healthy and made in-house.

On WCVB Channel 5’s Chronicle, When a customer was interviewed on the show, he said “I really love the food, I can tell the effort put into it to make it healthy.” Many restaurants might get their food from a freezer or get them from processing plants, but Dates and Olives food is 100% organic and made in house. Dates and Olives meals are balanced with plenty of meat, grains, and vegetables too. The very goal of Dates and Olives is to give you the healthiest food.

The second reason is that the chef is a world class cook.

The chef at Dates and Olives, Renita Mendoca, really knows what she is doing. She has worked all over the world, from Oman and the UAE to one of the best restaurants in the USA, the French Laundry in Napa Valley, California. She got her culinary education at the top-ranking school, Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island. She even went on the Food Network’s Chopped in 2011. She is a world class cook, and she has the accolades to prove it.

The final reason is that the customers find the food affordable.

When asked if she thinks that the food was affordable our customer said “You can get a sandwich at chain fast food stores for cheaper, but Dates and Olives is healthy, and it’s tastier too.” When asked the same question, other customers said “Yes, it’s affordable, and we find the portions quite generous too.” And even if a customer’s opinion might be biased , the facts can actually back it up. For example, the most expensive meal at McDonalds is the quarter pounder, at 8 dollars and 417 calories, and at Dates and Olives, the most expensive meal is the turkish steak tips, with 13 dollars and 169 calories. This shows that even though Fast Food Chain stores have cheaper food, it is not as healthy as Dates and Olives.

Out of all of the restaurants in MetroWest , Dates and Olives has more than a few reasons to be the best restaurant, including the fact that every single meal is made in house, the food is made by an expert, and finally because customers find it affordable.