Why Dates and Olives? Great question there a ton of Mediterranean restaurant sprinkled around the State of Massachusetts. But one stands out, Dates and Olives. With a mission to serving fresh, delicious food made from scratch with locally sourced quality ingredients and served with care.

Have you ever thought what attracts you to FOOD?

Its sight, smell, taste, touches, and sounds too. Yes, the sense of sound, have you heard great food? A crunch, crackle, sizzles.

Let us start with Sight, vibrant mix of color, yes you going to get that from the dishes at dates and olives, a Mediterranean food restaurant in Natick because we use only quality fresh ingredients, locally sourced where possible and freshly prepared. Keeps the color Vibrant minimal cooking and timing is key. Our Carrot Slaw is in excellent example of vibrancy and freshness. Smell, there is nothing more appetizing that the smell of freshly prepared food, kebabs, fried falafels, and just simple baked Pita bread. Our menu offers a variety of dishes that check off all the boxes. When you smell a fresh herb, be it dill, thyme, or cilantro you know the quality of the ingredients.

What looks good, smells great must Taste delightful, absolutely. Flavoring our dishes with inhouse ground spices has been a hallmark at our establishment. Every dish has just the right amount of seasoning, salt, and flavor. The secrets to maintain our flavor profile, are high quality ingredients, spices, well curated recipes, and cold pressed lemon juice. The addition of a citrus touch to any dish brings out the most essential flavors of the dish without overpowering other ingredients. Our moroccan flavored chicken, spicy wings and Turkish steak tips are a few that speak to all taste buds.

You say Touch, YES, this does get to a touchy topic. Mediterranean food is finger licking and we make sure that is the case with our menu. Not greasy, easy to handle and travels well, takeout and delivery is a big part of our business. Servicing the entire Metro West area. Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean food and health benefits are derived from its healthy fat content; we use a premium extra virgin olive oil.

Our food is minimally processed, helping to maintain optimum nutritional value. Dates and Olives offers an extensive menu of healthy and delicious Mediterranean food with spreads, family style meals, Shawarmas, Lamb Gyros, and flatbreads. Tons of Vegan, vegetarian, and allergy friendly dishes, not to forget items

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, and Yes Dates and Olives is here to be at your service.

The Mediterranean is home to sun, sea, and access to amazing fresh ingrediencies all key to good health, fun, happiness, and a long life. We at Dates and Olives try to keep it simple. Life is complicated enough, why add to our complication with complex dishes?

Now WHAT we DON NOT DO at Dates and Olives – No added sugar in any of our dishes, never a canned product, no frozen vegetables, no artificial preservatives, we do not compromise on any ingredients and no short cuts.

Our Origin – Dates and Olives was started on a mere idea that there was not enough food available that was free of artificial preservatives. Started at our very own Natick Farmers Market and markets in the MetroWest area, our move to a Brick n mortar space solidified our purpose to make food that was delicious, wholesome, and free of artificial preservatives. Our ingredients are mindfully sourced, and our food is made from scratch to the best of our abilities with our customers in mind.

Mediterranean food is not merely a cuisine but a lifestyle which promotes health and wellbeing. After working internationally and honing my skill sets in cuisine at a global level at Michelin Star restaurants it was time. Hope you enjoy a piece of Dates and Olives in our very own Natick MA.